Sewed Coasters 4pcs set

We strive to include sustainability in all aspects of our projects. From upcycling to repurposing, we encourage and nurture this mindfulness within the design of our products.

Fabric is a valuable commodity and small pieces of scrap can be meaningfully upcycled

د.إ 30.00 VAT included

Sewed Coasters 4pcs set


– 9x9cm
– Sadhu coaster/table accessory
– PUL (Poly Urethane Laminate back
– This product is made from the small scraps
generated during the production process
therefore each coaster is slightly different
– Price per set of 4: 30dhs

Skills3 – a Creative Enterprise for Social Impact

Creating livelihood, transforming communities through sewing

SKILLS3 is committed to helping
marginalised communities with the
sole motivation of improving their
wellbeing and lives through the
skill of sewing

SKILLS3 provides advice to organisations
seeking to use their resources and
budgets to create impactful and
sustainable solutions/ programmes that
encompass corporate responsibility or
the purpose of helping others

SKILLS3 is committed to making an
impact with its service offerings
ensuring that the skills transfer
initiatives we deliver are
economical, environmentally
responsible and sustainable in the
long term

We do more than just sewing. Our creative skills for livelihood projects are co-designed with users in
response to their needs, to empower individuals and build strong, inclusive and cohesive communities.

Project Objective

The main objective of this project is to build the
entrepreneurial capacities of targeted
beneficiaries, through
(1) skill-sharing in sewing/stitch-work
(2) providing support and opportunities for
business development
(3) Providing English language instruction through
It is hoped that these sewing skills will lead to
better livelihood opportunities for the
beneficiaries and will enable them to support
their families and community


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