MERCI Finest Assortment of Eight European Chocolates

MERCI offers a thoughtful collection of rich, European chocolates made from the finest ingredients available. Known as Europe?s famous gift-giving chocolate, MERCI offers something for everyone and is sure to be warmly received. Say thank you with MERCI, the thoughtful collection of individually wrapped European chocolates. Each slim, stylish box of MERCI Finest Assortment of European Chocolates contains eight unique, individually wrapped flavors, including Milk Chocolate, Coffee and Cream, Hazelnut-Almond, Hazelnut-Creme, Marzipan, Dark Cream, Dark Mousse, and Praline-Creme.

AED 10.00 VAT included

MERCI Finest Assortment of Eight European Chocolates


MERCI: A delicious and thoughtful holiday gift or birthday gift. Compare to other varieties of candy, chocolate, dark chocolate, bulk candy, individually wrapped candy, fun size candy, bags of candy and sweets


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